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The key goal of the study is to understand how repeated low-dose occupational ionizing radiation exposures, such as those potentially experienced by radiologic technologists, are related to cancer and other health conditions. The study objectives are: 1. Assess risks for cancer and other diseases from long-term low-dose occupational and personal medical ionizing radiation exposures; 2. Assess risks for cancer and other diseases from occupational exposures among technologists who perform nuclear medicine and fluoroscopically guided diagnostic interventional procedures; 3. Assess risks for skin and other cancers from solar ultraviolet radiation exposures; 4. In pooling studies with other epidemiologic studies replicate main genotype effects for breast cancer reported from genome-wide association studies
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Intramural Research Program of the Division of Cancer Genetics and Epidemiology, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health.
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Investigators Contacts
  • Abigail Ukwuani
    National Institutes of Health
  • Dr Cari Meinhold Kitahara
    National Institutes of Health


Study design
Population cohort
Follow Up
The study conducted four major surveys during 1983-2014. Additionally, follow-up questionnaires were sent to Fourth Survey responders who reported working with radioisotope or fluoroscopically-guided procedures to obtain more detailed information about work practices and exposures related to these procedures.

Marker Paper

Simon SL, Preston DL, Linet MS, Miller JS, Sigurdson AJ, Alexander BH, Kwon D, Yoder RC, Bhatti P, Little MP, Rajaraman P, Melo D, Drozdovitch V, Weinstock RM, Doody MM. Radiation organ doses received in a nationwide cohort of U.S. radiologic technologists: methods and findings. Radiat Res. 2014 Nov;182(5):507-28. doi: 10.1667/RR13542.1. Epub 2014 Oct 31.

PUBMED 25361400


Sources of Recruitment
  • Individuals

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Number of participants
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Supplementary Information
Current and former radiologic technologists.


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