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Comprehensive lifestyle and behavior survey + biologic samples with a consent that specifies use in future research, and possible sharing of data with researchers outside KP. It provides an exceptional opportunity to enable research studies related to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease. KP makes this core resource—including de-identified medical record information, a health survey and biospecimens—available to scientists who apply to use the information for genetic, epidemiological, and other scientific research. **Contact:**
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Andrade, S. E., Davis, R. L., Cheetham, T. C., Cooper, W. O., Li, D. K., Amini, T., Beaton, S. J., Dublin, S., Hammad, T. A., Pawloski, P. A., Raebel, M. A., Smith, D. H., Staffa, J. A., Toh, S., Dashevsky, I., Haffenreffer, K., Lane, K., Platt, R., & Scott, P. E. (2012). Medication Exposure in Pregnancy Risk Evaluation Program. Maternal and child health journal, 16(7), 1349–1354.

PUBMED 22002179


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