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Japan Collaborative Cohort Study (JACC)

Japan Collaborative Cohort Study (JACC)

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Evaluate the risk impact of lifestyle factors and levels of serum components on human health.
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Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)
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Investigators Contacts
  • Dr. Prof. Akiko Tamakoshi
    Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine


Study design
Population cohort
Follow Up
During 20 years. The date and cause of death were annually or biannually confirmed. The date of move-outs from the study area was also annually verified by the investigator in each area by reviewing population-register sheets of the cohort members. In 24 of the 45 areas, data on cancer incidence such as date of diagnosis and primary site were also collected through population-based cancer registers or by reviewing the records of local major hospitals.

Marker Paper

Tamakoshi A, Ozasa K, Fujino Y, Suzuki K, Sakata K, Mori M, Kikuchi S, Iso H; JACC Study Group, Sakauchi F, Motohashi Y, Tsuji I, Nakamura Y, Mikami H, Kurosawa M, Hoshiyama Y, Tanabe N, Tamakoshi K, Wakai K, Tokudome S, Hashimoto S, Wada Y, Kawamura T, Watanabe Y, Miki T, Date C, Kurozawa Y, Yoshimura T, Shibata A, Okamoto N, Shio H. Cohort profile of the Japan Collaborative Cohort Study at final follow-up. J Epidemiol. 2013;23(3):227-32. doi: 10.2188/jea.je20120161. Epub 2013 Apr 13.

PUBMED 23583921


Sources of Recruitment
  • Individuals

Number of participants

Number of participants
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