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  • Dr. Vittorio Krogh
    Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori


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Follow-up Milan: Follow-up started in 1998 By the end of 2013, 618 deaths and 1603 new cancer cases had been reported (end of follow-up: 31 December 2009). Florence: Follow-up procedures include: direct contact with participants by mailing of questionnaires; collaborations with the local Tuscany Cancer Registry and the Regional Mortality Registry (both run by ISPO); lBy December 2010, 685 deaths and 2117 newly diagnosed cases of cancer had been identified. Naples: Progetto ATENA has an active follow-up on major chronic diseases based on participants, family doctors, participants' best friends, and linkage with hospital and death certificate archives. The follow-up has been updated until December 2016. Turin: In 2009, a follow-up questionnaire was sent by mail to the entire cohort (excluding deaths), asking for information on current anthropometrical measurements and on chronic diseases. Ragusa: Follow-up consists of telephone contacts with the participants and an administered non-dietary questionnaire; follow-up for cancer end-points is made by record linkage with local cancer registry. By December 2012, 663 new cases of cancer had been diagnosed, and 363 participants had died. Non-dietary telephone follow-up was done from 2007–2013.


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