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Kaiser Permanente of Northern California AVM Study

Kaiser Permanente of Northern California AVM Study

Initiatives -
To provide accurate estimates for risk and rates of intracranial hemorrhage in the natural course of patients harboring brain arteriovenous malformation (BAVM). The estimates are needed as a quantitative basis for planning clinical trials to evaluate interventional strategies and to help guide practice management. **** *Note: All published information has been collected from the article referenced in the Marker Paper box below. Therefore, there may be variations with more advanced versions of the study.*


Investigators Contacts
  • Dr. Professor William L. Young
    UCSF School of Medicine


Study design
Patients' cohort
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Marker Paper

Halim AX, Johnston SC, Singh V, et al. Longitudinal risk of intracranial hemorrhage in patients with arteriovenous malformation of the brain within a defined population.Stroke. 2004;35:1697–1702. doi:10.1161/01.STR.0000130988.44824.29

PUBMED 15166396


Sources of Recruitment
  • Individuals

Number of participants

Number of participants
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Supplementary Information
Identified patients with BAVM at the Kaiser Permanente Northern California between 1961 and 2001.


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