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Göteborg 70+ Stroke Study

Göteborg 70+ Stroke Study

Initiatives -
To examine the risk of depression in elderly patients one and a half years after stroke and to compare the risk with a population-based control sample. *Note: All published information has been collected from the article referenced in the Marker Paper box below. Therefore, there may be variations with more advanced versions of the study.*
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This study was supported by grants from the John and Brit Wennerstro¨m Foundation for Neurological Research, the Amlo¨v Foundation, the Swedish Stroke Association Research Foundation, the The Swedish Association of Persons with Neurological Disabilities (NHR) Foundation, Per Olof Ahl’s Foundation for Cerebrovascular Research and the Professor Bror Gadelius Foundation, the King Gustaf V and Queen Victoria Foundation, the Wilhelm and Maria Lundgren Foundation, the FoU-rådet Va¨stra Go¨taland Council, the Testament of Artur Gustafsson, Swedish Research Council Grant No. 11267 and Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research Grant No. 2001-2835


Investigators Contacts
  • Dr. Thomas Linden
    Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology


Study design
Patients' cohort
Follow Up
The mean time from inclusion to follow-up was 1.7

Marker Paper

Lindén, T., Blomstrand, C., & Skoog, I. (2007). Depressive disorders after 20 months in elderly stroke patients: a case-control study. Stroke, 38(6), 1860-1863.


Sources of Recruitment
  • Individuals

Number of participants

Number of participants
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Supplementary Information
Over 70 years of age


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