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Gothenburg Centenarian Study (Go95+)

Gothenburg Centenarian Study (Go95+)

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  • Angie Russel
    Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing (CHeBA)


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Marker Paper

Brodaty, H., Woolf, C., Andersen, S., Barzilai, N., Brayne, C., Cheung, K. S., Corrada, M. M., Crawford, J. D., Daly, C., Gondo, Y., Hagberg, B., Hirose, N., Holstege, H., Kawas, C., Kaye, J., Kochan, N. A., Lau, B. H., Lucca, U., Marcon, G., Martin, P., … Sachdev, P. S. (2016). ICC-dementia (International Centenarian Consortium - dementia): an international consortium to determine the prevalence and incidence of dementia in centenarians across diverse ethnoracial and sociocultural groups. BMC neurology, 16, 52.

PUBMED 27098177


Sources of Recruitment
  • Individuals

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Number of participants
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Supplementary Information
Individuals aged ≥95 years (approximately the oldest 1 percentile for men, oldest 5th percentile for women), with a minimum sample of 80 individuals, including assessment of cognition and functional status, are invited to participate. There are currently seventeen member or potential member studies from Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Oceania. Initial attempts at harmonising key variables are in progress.


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