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The Danish Twin Registry

The Danish Twin Registry

Initiatives -
Start Year
The Danish Research Council, University of Southern Denmark, the Danish National Research Foundation, Helsefonden, the Danish Cancer Society, the Danish Diabetic Association, the Danish Heart Foundation, the Novo Nordisk Foundation, United States National Institute of Aging [grant number P01-AG08761], United States National Cancer Institute, and the Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation [grant number 2136-07-0044].
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Investigators Contacts
  • Dr. Prof. Kaare Christensen
    University of Southern Denmark


Study design
Population cohort
Follow Up
The twins are followed by yearly updates of vital status, addresses, and marital status. Information about other family members, like parents, spouses and children, are also collected. Furthermore, the register is linked to other national health-related registers on a regular basis. These include the Danish Cancer Registry, the Danish Register of Causes of Death, the Danish National Patient Register, and the Medical Birth Register. In addition to register linkage, surveys are used to obtain information that is available only from the twins themselves, such as physical and cognitive function, occupation and lifestyle habits, and also to collect biological material.

Marker Paper

Skytthe A, Kyvik KO, Holm NV, Christensen K. The Danish Twin Registry. Scand J Public Health. 2011 Jul;39(7 Suppl):75-8. doi: 10.1177/1403494810387966.

PUBMED 21775358


Sources of Recruitment
  • Families

Number of participants

Number of participants
Number of participants with biosamples
Supplementary Information
Twin pairs from Denmark


Availability of data and biosamples