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Linxian General Population Trial Cohort

Linxian General Population Trial Cohort

Initiatives -
The primary objective of this intervention was to evaluate the effect of multiple-vitamin and -mineral supplements on esophageal/gastric cardia cancer incidence and mortality in the general population of Linxian. A secondary objective was to examine the effect of these supplements on mortality from other causes of death in this population. *Note: All published information has been collected from the article referenced in the Marker Paper box below. Therefore, there may be variations with more advanced versions of the study.*
Start Year
End Year
Division of Cancer Epidemiology And Genetics (NCI), National Institute of Health (NIH)
Supplementary Information
Baseline screening examinations: 1985 Intervention from 1986 to 1991.


Investigators Contacts
  • Dr Bing Li
    Cancer Institute, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
  • Dr. Philip R. Taylor
    National Institute of Health


Study design
Clinical trial cohort
Follow Up
5,25 year intervention period. In the subsequent 10 years post-trial, study subjects were contacted monthly.

Marker Paper

Li B, Taylor PR, Li JY, Dawsey SM, Wang W, Tangrea JA, Liu BQ, Ershow AG, Zheng SF, Fraumeni JF Jr, et al. Linxian nutrition intervention trials. Design, methods, participant characteristics, and compliance. Ann Epidemiol. 1993 Nov;3(6):577-85. doi: 10.1016/1047-2797(93)90078-i.

PUBMED 7921303


Sources of Recruitment
  • Individuals

Number of participants

Number of participants
Number of participants with biosamples
Supplementary Information
Participants from four communes in Linxian, 40-69 yrs and with no history of cancer or debilitating disease at baseline (1984).


Availability of data and biosamples