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Network on the Coordination and Harmonisation of European Occupational Cohorts project

Network on the Coordination and Harmonisation of European Occupational Cohorts project

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The overarching concept of OMEGA-NET is to create a network to optimize and integrate occupational, industrial, and population cohorts at the European level, and to provide a foundation for an enhanced evidence base for the identification of health risks and gains related to occupation and employment to foster safe and healthy preventive strategies and policies. Research Coordination Objectives and health Coordinate and integrate cohorts on occupational health in Europe: * Implement an online interactive tool with detailed information on existing cohorts * Facilitate work on harmonization of occupational exposure and standardization of health outcome information and new protocols for data collection * Promote stakeholder engagement from the start of the project. Capacity Building Objectives: * Connect scientific communities on occupational health in Europe * Provide networking and leadership opportunities for early career researchers, as well as researchers from COST Inclusiveness Target Countries * Provide training in occupational epidemiology and exposure assessment


Investigators Contacts
  • Dr. Michelle C. Turner
  • Dr. Ingrid Sivesind Mehlum
    National Institute of Occupational Health (STAMI)

General Information

Year created
Types of cohorts
  • Population cohort
This project has received funding from the EU-funded COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Association
Criteria of cohort's to be included
European occupational, industrial, and population, and registry-based cohorts with data on occupational exposures.
Socio-environmental context
  • Work-related stress
  • Work/life balance
  • Migration
  • Other : Work-related hazards


Number of participants

Age range of the samples

Methodology for harmonization and integration

Strategy of harmonization
Data processing methods
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    Data are in different locations
    Integrative data analysis
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    Supplementary information
    The analyses are ongoing. Turner & Mehlum. Greater coordination and harmonisation of European occupational cohorts is needed. Occup Environ Health 2018. 104955. Peters et al. (2020). International Inventory of Occupational Exposure Information: OMEGA-NET. Ann Work Expo Health 2020. Kogevinas et al. The OMEGA-NET international inventory of occupational cohorts. Ann Work Expo Health, in press. 2020. OMEGA-NET is not a research project, but a COST Action, i.e. a 4-year (2017-2021) EU-funded research network. The Exposome Project for Health and Occupational Research (EPHOR; 2020-2024; was recently funded by Horizon 2020 and is partly based on work done in OMEGA-NET, particularly the inventories of occupational cohorts and exposure assessment tools.

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    With harmonized data
    Will more cohorts be harmonized?


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