Initiative / CORDELIA

Collaborative cOhorts Reassembled Data to study mEchanisms and Longterm Incidence of chronic diseAses

Collaborative cOhorts Reassembled Data to study mEchanisms and Longterm Incidence of chronic diseAses

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The aim of CORDELIA is to generate a population database of more than 170,000 participants followed for more than 5 years, from Spanish cohorts with prospective follow-up.
Investigators Contacts
  • Irene Román
    Institut Hospital del Mar d’Investigacions Mèdiques (IMIM)
  • Jaume Marrugat
    Institut Hospital del Mar d’Investigacions Mèdiques (IMIM)

General Information

Year created
Types of cohorts
  • Population cohort
  • Spain
This project is currently funded by Spanish CIBER research structure and is seeking other sources in competitive calls.
Criteria of cohort's to be included
Spanish population-based cohort studies with information on common chronic disease risk factors and follow up for chronic diseases events.
Health topic
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Chronic diseases
Socio-environmental context
  • Air pollution
  • Other : Socio-economic status; quality of life


Number of participants

With harmonized data

Age range of the samples

Minimum age
Maximum age

Methodology for harmonization and integration

Strategy of harmonization
Data processing methods
  • Algorithmic
  • Standardisation
  • Multiple imputation
  • Type of infrastructure
    Data are centrally located
    Integrative data analysis
    • Pooled analyses
  • R / Rmarkdown
  • Supplementary information
    The data harmonization is expected to be completed by end 2021Some cohorts may join CORDELIA in the future, and some may not successfully pass the quality or harmonization criteria. Therefore the number of participants and cohorts included in CORDELIA may vary from the current figures at the end of the inclusion process.

    Number of cohorts

    With harmonized data
    Will more cohorts be harmonized?
    Number of harmonized variables (max.)


    Availability of metadata
    Under request
    Availability of individual data
    Under request

    Individual Studies

    Acronym Name Study design Participants Countries
    ARTPER Arteriopatía periférica Population cohort 3,786
    ASTURIAS Asturias Study cohort Population cohort 700
    AWHS Aragón Workers Health Study Population cohort 5,682
    CDC Canarias Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Cáncer - Canarias Population cohort 6,729
    CORSAIB COR SA a les Illes Balears Cross-sectional 1,685
    DI@BET.ES DI@BET.ES study Population cohort 2,408
    DRECE III Dieta y riesgo de enfermedades cardiovasculares en España Population cohort 4,787
    EFRCV-MURCIA Estudio de Factores de Riesgo Cardiovascular Population cohort 3,091
    EMMA Estació de Monitoratge de Malaltia Arterioscleròtica Population cohort 2,540
    ENRICA-nutrition.cardio Estudio de Nutrición y Riesgo Cardiovascular en España Cross-sectional 11,991
    EPIC-Gipuzkoa European Prospective Investigation of Cancer Population cohort 8,417
    EPIC-Granada European Prospective Investigation of Cancer Population cohort 7,879
    EPIC-MURCIA European Prospective Investigation of Cancer Population cohort 8,523
    EPIC-Navarra European Prospective Investigation of Cancer Population cohort 8,084
    EPIRCE Función renal (FR) y marcadores de inflamación en relación con mortalidad, evento cardiovascular y deterioro FR. Population cohort 2,244
    ETES Estudio Toledo de Envejecimiento Saludable.Toledo Study of Healthy Aging Population cohort 2,488
    FRADEA study Estudio Fragilidad y Dependencia en Albacete Population cohort 790
    GCAT GCAT Genomes for Life Population cohort 20,000
    HERMEX Estudio Autocribado del Riesgo Cardiovascular Population cohort 2,669
    HORTEGA HORTEGA Population cohort 1,502
    MCC‐SPAIN Estudio multicaso‐control poblacional Population cohort 10,106
    NAVARRAbiomed NAVARRAbiomed 1,554
    NEDICES-2 Neurological Disorders in Central Spain Population cohort 8,000
    NEFRONA National Observatory of Atherosclerosis in Nephrology Population cohort 2,445
    PESA Progression and early detection of subclinical aterosclerosis Population cohort 4,184
    PIZARRA PIZARRA Population cohort 1,051
    PREDAPS Estudio de Cohortes en Atención Primaria sobre la evolución de sujetos con prediabetes Population cohort 2,022
    PREDIMERC Estudio de PREvalencia de DIabetes MElitus y Riesgo Cardiovascular Cross-sectional 2,268
    RECCyL Riesgo de Enfermedad Cardiovascular en Castilla y León Population cohort 4,013
    REGICOR Registre Gironí del Cor Cross-sectional 600,000
    RICARTO study RIesgo CARdiovascular TOledo Population cohort 1,309
    RIVANA Riesgo Vascular en Navarra Cross-sectional 6,553
    SALMANTICOR Estudio clínico‐Epidemiológico salmantino de las patologías del corazón Population cohort 2,057